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Dr. Geghani Shahinyan and her highly-trained staff work with patients to help them achieve an ideal smile. Losing teeth, whether due to disease or trauma, can significantly impact both dental appearance and health. At our Central Park practice, we provide porcelain crowns and bridges in East Harlem for patients who wish to preserve their natural smile while continuing to chew and function normally.

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Repairing Your Smile with Reliable ProstheticsPicture of a woman with crowns and bridges from East Harlem Dentist Geghani Shaninyan, DDS

Whether your teeth have been damaged due to cavities or you have experienced tooth loss, we offer reliable prosthetic solutions that allow you to resume normal function and smile with renewed confidence. Our restorations are crafted from porcelain, a material valued for its stain resistance and resemblance to natural enamel. 

After an initial consultation, wherein we take an in-depth look at the current condition of your smile, Dr. Shahinyan will outline an effective treatment plan with your best interests and health goals at the forefront. For patients undergoing root canal therapy, our porcelain crowns effectively return a sense of structure to the affected teeth and prevent exposure to bacteria in the future. These restorations also allow you to eat normally, though special considerations will have to be made. 

Dental bridges utilize crowns and replacement teeth to address significant gaps in your smile. Whether you’re missing one tooth or need to renew an entire section, our dental bridges will allow you to once again chew properly, which will, in turn, improve digestion. Improper chewing interferes with the distribution of essential nutrients; with healthy teeth or resilient dental prosthetics, you can retain full function, preserving your well-being for years to come. 

Caring for Your Prosthetics

Dr. Shahinyan and her team stress the importance of preventive care, whether you possess your original teeth or have recently received dental prosthetics. To enjoy all the cosmetic and functional benefits your restored smile has to offer, it is crucial that you maintain a steady at-home hygiene routine that involves your entire dental anatomy. With effective habits in place, you can not only preserve existing oral health but also support the long-term lifespan of your restorations. 

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Whether you need to replace a single tooth or wish to address a larger gap in your smile, our crowns and bridges are designed with your comfort and aesthetic needs in mind. To schedule a consultation for restorative care, call the Central Park office of Dr. Shahinyan today!

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